I Am The Room

by Layma Azur

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released April 25, 2015

Written & produced by Santiago Fradejas & A.M Ferrari Fradejas

Recorded, engineered & mixed by Santiago Fradejas at Layma Azur Mobile Studio (Lille & Montpellier) between September 2013 & March 2015.

Additional recording by Pablo Rabinovich (Orion studio; Buenos Aires) & Lucas Romeo (La Siesta del Fauno studio; Buenos Aires)

Mastering by Diego Mamani Di Giuseppe at Eko studio

"He Is You" was co-written with Moonswift Ashley-West & Sand Snowman.

Photography & design by Eva Inmacao

On this recording Layma Azur is:

Santiago Fradejas: Vocals, electric & classical guitar, JD-800 & Waveshifter.
A.M Ferrari Fradejas: Vocals, piano, Rhodes, synthesizer, percussion.


Nicolas Ojeda: Double bass on 8 & 10
Alejandro Pavlovic: Guitar solo on 2
Sand Snowman: Acoustic guitar & glockenspiel on 7
Moonswift Ashley-West: Vocals & electric bass on 7
Nicolas Warschauer: Drums on 8
Christian Amato: Percussion on 9
Diego Mamani Di Giuseppe: Ronroco on 7
Nicolas Aguero: JD-800 on 5



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Layma Azur France

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Track Name: The Sky Opens Its Mouth
The sky opens its mouth
Unveiled and skinned the mother died

Your fears, your childish smile
The growing wound is just a growing scar
Track Name: The Birds That Bring The Rain
Ashes spread on the liquid light
As I slowly sharpen birds bones
While the red in the painting slowly eats the frame

Ghost mouth on your ghost mouth

Crawling through my lucid dreams
Translucent afterbirth
Now the pavement cracks
Like glass and sand

Mother told me
About the strength of love
But the razor slits the throat again
And the simple prayers
Smiled away the pain

In our veins, falling like birds
In the light, thick and white
In signs, iridescent warmth
Brings the morning

Hours in the mud
This silent space
My body is twitching
As I smile and pray

The paper mask, a paper ghost
Running towards me with an open wrist
A blackened fingernail static in the air

Those birds that bring the rain
Shy light
While our skin lit the rancid sky
The mother is getting through with toothless bites
A quiet death impregnates the air
Track Name: A Bird
It's a stain eating the warm and clear sky
It's a brush of rust, singing, laughing
Yellow stains of schizophrenia
It's air, it's sperm
King of soil and bread
An abused child
Walking home across the park
It's what left of a rainstorm
Dead and bloated and smiley-white

Melting birds
Flooding the skies,
The sky Am I
It's a crack on the wall waiting to burst
A skinny child fainting on the floor
It's roaring blood
Trembling quietly, across the bark
Calling our Lord from the soil
It's the mother howling
With dead weight on her hands

As death grows within your flesh
The growing wound
Is just a growing scar, coiling inside
Track Name: He Is You
While the electric and pale sky
cuts and bleeds syllables in rhyme
the Mother smiled

This is just one of many
delicate arrangements of stones
and faded photographs
and twitching nerves

And then I woke up to your smile

When the wound becomes and eye
in a world where you can trade
your soul for words
I will teach you a new born lesson
Open the Book:
the signs behaves like liquid smiles
subtle nuances in the shadow-play

I will be harvesting the soil...
Harvest the Sun.

The dust on the leaves
the warm stench
the stains where we used to live
the home we used to know
somehow became a barren memory.
Track Name: I'm Hiding A Dangerous Heaven
All the beauty that you give
A book of swollen poisoned words
I embrace your body
It's heat, It's scent
Hunger and despair

A slight movement shakes my wings

Dancing upon me
While the pale, electric sky
Bleeds syllables in rhyme
I will wash your scars
With a razor tongue
As death grows within your flesh

A slight movement shakes my wings

The ethereal silence devours the scream
Mother told me about the strength of love
But the razor slits the throat
And the prayers smiled away the pain

I'm hiding a dangerous Heaven