by Layma Azur

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released April 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Layma Azur France

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Track Name: Stay, part I / Messua
Stay until they come,
Until they find us away, awake…
Awake, away.
They’ll break the spell,
They’ll bring the morning light
To let us die
Awake in bed.
I felt your broken nails,
Our mouths ornate with stones
And dreamt I tasted your flesh
Raw and red
Track Name: Secrets of the Meat
It’s so hard to stay awake
Amongst the smell of burnt flesh
In ashen tones…
A sudden memory
And the caress of the flies,
All the horrors, all the fears,
Every fake caress and tear,
Everything you mother said,
Everything your father did…

He shows me the secrets of the meat,
The taste of sperm dripping from my mother’s legs.
I will be the obscene reminder,
I will be the stain inside him;
I’m the child upon your bed
Breeding pestilence and hate;
A piece of glass falls from my hand
(I still fuck Victoria in my dreams)
Track Name: El jardin que Olvido- Torture Lessons
A raging dance
To clean from your eyes
The filth you saw and hide…
Embrace these torture lessons.
This red mouth

The saddest child
Devouring every piece of flesh
Devouring pain,
The sperm still burning in her hands…
We’re dying.

Did I hurt you, or make a whore of you again
As I led you to the effaced well?
We’re dying.

Like blemished skin
The dress falls to the floor and cracks…
Veiled and skinned,
I scratch the walls of dead meat and red milk.
Track Name: Broken Bones
Bring our child,
A name amongst ashen skies…
Immerse your hands in her hair…

Now, cry.

As the veil of a white worshiped face
I see (it’s so bright)
Broken bones ornate your mouth.

Now, cry.

Taste the red milk…
An ashen sky waiting to recline and kiss me
As your face cracks with age

Now, cry.
Track Name: The Omniabsent
Ashes fall from my mouth
(A crown of salt)
While our bones start to crack,
Bleeding dust.

A blade-like mist,
Your broken legs and bones…
Bless our son with ink and dust.
Pregnant with light
Well, now it’s dead…
Not sacred, not clean
But soaked in hate, and hated for it.

I tasted the meat,
You were still alive
Watching me with a pale mother-smile

Pregnant with…

A red-wine kiss;
Blemishes and stains
As a map of the unseen stars across the sky.

Split in half,
The violent flesh,
The hidden taste…
Hook-like teeth shaping meat,
There’s no cure…
Track Name: Stay, part II
Stay and watch my sleep,
Your mouth upon my mouth to bite the scream…
I’m yours now,
Unwritten poetry.
Track Name: Bajo Tus Pies
Golpes en la otra habitación,
El sonido que fue carne,
La mancha en la pared
Logré darme vuelta y envejecí,
Pero te escuché.

Mancha rutinaria y gris,
Olvidé que debía ser sensual…
Caminos de sal que tomaron mi descanso y lo hicieron sed
Una y otra vez…

Y abrí la sed,
Crecí bajo tus pies;
Desnudo en mí
Me deja envejecer, me deja sonreír y ver…

Feels like razors in my chest
La mañana intacta…
El roce más casual
Logré darme vuelta y nada era real…
Pero te escuché.

Y abrí la sed,
Crecí bajo tus pies;
Desnudo en mí
Me deja envejecer, me deja sonreír y ver…
Track Name: Eva
A dimmed light devours the light
And you, who were me,
Just a broken memory
Underneath my nails…

Real love in unreal times.

And we drank the weight of loss,
Our own hazy smiles…
We smile through an open wrist;
A smile like a scar.

Real love in unreal times.
Track Name: Dreamality
And, the sweetest dreamality…
Spread your kiss upon my lips.
Licking the line of every scar,
But still sleeping on the ashes of the last one…
The Perfect One.

Now your words are cracking in your mouth,
Getting old, getting soiled…
A furious dance,
The stench of frozen limbs,
And, growing slowly, a stain is taking your place.

Forced to learn
And taste your father’s sperm,
As the stain grows outside the frame…
Counting years, counting purple scars;
The unwritten in you is being written right now.
Track Name: The Dying Bed
I dreamt in fear,
Dreamt of your voice
Just telling me how to grow old
When you body is turning grey and dry
It’s drying inside out

I heard you in silence
As I betrayed my deepest friend…
How to grow old while this love starts to rot inside…
Rotting inside out.
Track Name: En Mis Alas, part I: Annabel
En mis alas,
Drunk on a thousand deaths,
The stench of soil and flesh in your hands;
Pale, ashen skies still bleed.

And the painting of entropy and decay
To stare at the rape of the child that I was…
Well, now the disease has been spread.

And bless the hands that made the noose so tight,
As you perform the fake smile I know…
And I’m thinking where…
Where is Annabel…
Where is Annabel?

And the painting of Hell
Spotted through the cracks of my own face:
Broken bones and burnt feet by a screaming sun…
Now, cry.

And bless the hands that made the noose so tight,
As you perform the fake smile I know…
And I’m thinking where…
Where is Annabel?
Track Name: En Mis Alas, part II: Rest
Amongst the soil he found her awake,
Kissed her smile, cleaned her hair…
(The knot gets tight, the ceiling cracks)

He took her dirty dress
And let her rest upon his legs…
(The light are blinking, the body gracefully hangs)